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    KE-632 Hydraulic Door Closer

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    Product Name Model Number Product type Brand Material Finish Color
    KE-632 Hydraulic Door Closer KE-632 Hydraulic Door Closer KEDAO Aluminum Aolly Silver,Black,Brown,Golden,While


    Closing Force Applicable Door Width Applicable Door Weight Max Open Degree Hold-Open Functions
    EN4 ≤1000mm 50KG-75KG 180 degree 90 degree or 120 degree or no hold Two-stage speed regulation; Hydraulic Buffer closing; Can set positioning


    Application Temperature L*W*H (mm) Application Speed control Close-Open Times (Cycles Test) : Functional Characteristics
    -40°-60° 185*45*69 Room, all kinds of commercial doors, Two Section Speed Control 1000,000 cycles opening and closing 1、anti-external force function can protects doors
    2、Buffer anti-pinch
    3、Two speed control value, adjusting closing speed and latching speed
    4、Silent closing and opening
    5、Easy installation
    6、Can set positioning
    7、Manufactured to EN1154 standards