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  • Floor Spring

    KE-65 Floor Spring

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    Name Model Number Brand Engine Cylinder Material Finish Color Closing Force
    KE-65 Floor Spring KE-65 KEDAO Single Cylinder Iron and Stainless Steel Polish/Satin Sliver,black,gold and other colors EN2, EN3 for optional


    Max Door Width Max Door Weight Max Open Degree Hold-Open Latching Speed Adjustment Closing Speed Adjustment Application Temperature
    800mm 80KG 120 degree 90 degree or 120 degree or no hold 0-20° 20°-90° -40°-60°


    Dimension:Length*Width*Height Speed control Cycles Test Warranty Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) Weight(Kg)
    290mm*130mm*41mm Two Section Speed Control 500,000 cycles opening and closing 3 years 35 30 21 4.765