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  • Floor Spring

    Floor Spring

    Cost-Effective Floor Spring


    A Floor Spring is a mechanical door-closing device mostly used for glass doors along with patch fitting. Floor spring for aluminium doors is concealed under the finished floor level to offer control to your door with the unit hidden from view. The most prominent area where floor springs are used is in the Interior doors of business parks, malls, and hospital buildings.

    Floor springs are mostly used where both pull and push movement is required. Floor springs ensure that your doors will close themselves after opening. 

    The door closer can only open the door in one direction, while the door controlled by the value for money floor spring can open the door in two directions. Cost-effective floor springs are just as good as overhead door closers where convenience and safety are concerned. 

    The High Quality Floor Spring Manufacturer


    We have reliable and professional quality control over our cost-effective floor spring production lines. We provide professional and patient customer service.